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The Protect Tara International Campaign is organised by a number of Irish people living in Germany, with the assistance of people across an international spectrum. The aim of the campaign is to bring international awareness to the danger the Tara landscape is in, and to respectfully make known to the Irish Government that it is their cultural obligation to wholly protect Tara, which is a site central to Irish heritage, but is also a site of significance to world heritage, as expert archaeological opinion has repeatedly pointed out.

It is our hope that by bringing Tara into an international perspective, and also the crisis situation of all ancient archaeological sites in Ireland, that we can broaden the dimensions of the debate. Perhaps ultimately this whole issue is one of value. What is held in low value and esteem can be treated shabbily, even destructively, with little thought given. If however, internationally people who know the value of Irish heritage, and that Tara is the primary symbol of that heritage, make their opinion known, a new sense of value, and values, may come to prevail.

It is important to note that the International Protect Tara Campaign is not in any way opposed to road construction or infrastructural development in Ireland. It seeks only to emphasise that the rich heritage of Ireland should be viewed as a national asset, and not as a developmental hindrance to be easily done away with. When Tara, and ancient Irish heritage in general, are understood by the Irish Government to hold both national and international value, respectful solutions can easily be found between development and preservation. Ireland can thereby only strengthen its image as a country with both a vibrant past and also future.

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